Promoting positive health and safety in all environments

Health and safety in the construction industry is paramount, representing a cornerstone of our operations at Coxdown Construction. Recognising the inherent risks associated with construction work, we prioritise the well-being and protection of our workforce above all else.

Ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees

Group 10

Site Supervisors carry out 
daily inspections

Through daily inspections, our dedicated supervisors meticulously assess every aspect of the construction site, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and adherence to our company’s stringent standards.

Group 10

Contracts Management carry out weekly inspections

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our experienced managers meticulously review project milestones, subcontractor performance, and compliance with contractual agreements.

Group 10

Third party monthly formalised safety tours

We conduct third-party monthly formalised safety tours on our construction sites. These tours are a critical component of our safety management strategy, providing an unbiased assessment of our safety protocols and practices.

Group 16

Periodic tours by Directors

Periodic tours play a vital role in ensuring project integrity and adherence to quality standards. These on-site visits provide Directors with firsthand insights into project progress, safety protocols, and resource management.

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